First up, big thanks to @carafreckles for providing the inspiration for my first ‘hand-made’ greetings card, after she recently sent me a wonderful ‘knitted bikini’ card for my last birthday!

My lovely friend, of more years than we probably care to mention, Jennie, recently gave birth to her first baby. On hearing the news of Martha Rose entering the world I knew that I wanted to make a special card as a keepsake.

So after recently picking up the knitting needles again, following a mere 30 year interlude, I put on my thinking cap to consider how I could adapt Cara’s idea. I decided that I would knit a simple babies hat motif. I had some red wool left-over from a recent project which I utilised – I do get a bit tired of the strictly ‘pink for girls’ theme sometimes.

Using size 3.5mm needles I cast on 14 stitches, then knitted this row, I then decreased the number of stitches on each subsequent row by 1 stitch each time by knitting the first 2 stitches together, I continued knitting until 1 stitch remained, then I cast off. I made the simple bobble by laying short pieces of yarn horizontally across a vertical strand, I then tied this together and fanned the strands out for a bobble effect.

I popped to Hobbycraft and bought a pack of 10 white cards with envelopes and a tube of PVA glue, quickly sewed the bobble onto the hat and glued hat to card.

I’ve since had feedback from the proud mum declaring the card to be ‘lush’, which is good enough for me!

I’ve since worked out that this project cost the price of about 3 bought greetings cards but with a little imagination, and items from my craft box, I can still make another 9 cards. So this fits neatly with my new ethos of austerity!

I’m already thinking of other ways to adapt this theme for more upcoming events so watch out friends and loved ones!