This year, what with being at home full time and all, I’ve decided to craft a home-made Christmas.

Time is one thing I’m not short of at the moment, so I’ve been having great fun on selecting free knitting patterns and choosing shade and variety of yarn especially for friends & loved ones.

Without giving too much away you can see some close-ups of items completed to date, scarves have featured heavily but today I’ve progressed onto my first corsage!

It’s been fun so far, as with each pattern selected I’ve learned a new stitch, or technique, or have used a different type of yarn, to keep things interesting.

I’m moving on to baby gifts tomorrow with a boottee-licious knitting session planned with @carafreckles who has been a huge inspiration to me in my recent knitting frenzy!

I found my 2011 Christmas spreadsheet this week (what, doesn’t everyone have one?) and blushed slightly as the costs incurred last year. Hopefully, the expenditure will be substantially less, with a little ‘craftiness’, this year!

Lots more clacking to go to get to the end of the list so I’d better head off….

Happy Christmas one and all!