On Saturday I received a Random Act of Bakeness. What a wonderful thing.

The package arrived whilst we were out at a preview of a friend’s new coffee shop so we returned to find it on the doorstep. I immediately got the ‘what have you been ordering now’ glare from the other half. I couldn’t wait to open the parcel, which was beautifully wrapped in both brown and gift paper and was intrigued to find a biscuit tin within!

I opened the tin and was immediately hit by a wonderful aroma of chocolate and saw 12 fairy cakes, all beautifully iced with buttercream, with a white chocolate button atop each one along with a sweet Tigger and Pooh gift card. How lovely!

Despite a few of the cakes suffering a little in transit it took nothing away from the joy!

All I know about the friendly baker from whom I received my kind gift from is that he/she is called Fran, nothing more, so thank-you, whoever and wherever you are! Your efforts are very much appreciated. We ate some of the cakes with friends at a cycling event yesterday so it was even lovelier to be able to share the joy and all partakers declared cakey-love!

The opportunity to nominate friends, who have been going through a rough time recently, to receive a surprise package of baked love by way of a pick me up, or the opportunity to become a fabulous volunteer, now appears to be closed. However, I’ll be keeping an eye out to see if the bakey project continues!

You can find out more information at: randomactsofbakeness.blogspot.co.uk

A great big thank-you to @tillymintboutiq for nominating me to receive this kind gift, following my health issues earlier in the year.

What a simply lovely deed to do for a friend!