Yesterday I spent a very happy afternoon with fellow Hebden-ite Sue Leslie, (A Thousand Paper Wishes), who is beautifully skilled in all things paper and specialises in handcrafting paper for special occasions.

Off to Sue’s paper craft room we went (it’s awesome by the way!). First up, we made a gorgeous paper decoration from a section of an old black and white paperback book:


I was so surprised at how easy it was and how quickly you could get results! So therapeutic too, with the repetitive folding motion. My kinda crafting!

photo 2

Next, we made a gorgeous paper heart decoration, again, stunning results for the work of moments!

photo 3

I really loved perusing Sue’s work in progress, including the exquisite paper lanterns for fairy lights, fabulous brooches and colourful origami boxes.

photo 4

I returned home with a small supply of paper for further projects (including a Booths Christmas catalogue, perfect for making a paper Christmas tree, apparently!) and more folding examples and can’t wait to get cracking.

photo 5

You can browse more of Sue’s handiwork down at Spirals on Market St, Hebden Bridge, or find more information on her Facebook page here:

All in all, a wonderful afternoon! Thank-you for taking the time to pass on your skills Sue and for providing such inspiration! A proper paper craft convert 🙂