I have been a devotee of the macaron for quite some time, especially since sampling them on a pilgrimage to Laduree in Paris. I have tried to make the little delicacies at home, with limited success. So imagine my delight when I met the lovely Lynne (from Medici Macarons) at Hebden Bridge WI. We soon started talking everything Macaron and Lynne kindly invited me to sit in on a making and baking session.


Session 1 involved me watching Lynne like a hawk (believe me, if you think macarons are expensive then you really do need to see exactly how many stages are involved in making the almond delights and how precarious the process is!). Lynne went on to turn out a beautiful set, practically perfect in every way!

Session 2 started with me opting for a Macaron flavour (I went with lemon) and making a batch of macarons from scratch. Under Lynne’s watchful eye I made the lemon curd secret centre and continued to make the Macaron shells and buttercream. I picked up some magnificent hints and tips on making the batter and filling the shells – end result, not too shabby!


Thanks so much for your time and effort, Lynne (a.k.a the Macaron Queen!). I am officially Medici mad and can’t wait to taste your latest Yorkshire rhubarb and custard creation!

You can find out out more about all things Medici at: www.medicimacarons.co.uk or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/MediciMacarons