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I did it! I vowed that I would and I did! I crafted my first very own home-made Christmas in 2012.

All in all, I made:

6 jars of mulled wine plum jam
6 gift bags of sea salted chocolate snaps
5 knitted scarves
5 packets of sparkling vanilla Christmas cookies
4 knitted ‘rose’ corsages
4 bags of chocolate and cherry almond bark
1 gingerbread gift jar
1 cross-stitch sampler
1 bottle of cranberry-infused vodka

…and a partridge in a pear tree (well, ok, not that last one!).



It’s been such an enjoyable experience choosing patterns, yarns and recipes for friends and family and it was wonderful receiving their heartfelt thanks on Christmas day. It was just as I thought, it did mean more. And cost less.


Starting in August, I knitted my first scarf on holiday in Turkey, in 40+ degree heat! Crafting carried on right up until Christmas Eve and there was only one project which remains unfinished, first for next Christmas then!


I’ve made a mental list of those who have proved themselves to be ‘make and bake-worthy’ and have already starting researching patterns and recipes for Christmas 2013.

I think I may start crafting for Christmas even earlier this year…

Big thanks to the lovely @wisthelens ladies who have been, and remain, a constant source of inspiration and advice.

Roll on December 2013 – as my Christmas crafting is due to get even bigger and better!!


A very warm welcome to All for Scone!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for some time… well, here it is! To be honest, it’s the Virtual Valentine Craft and Bake Competition that’s spurred me into action.

I made some Custard Cream Hearts to woo my husband earlier today. A little frugal, compared to some of the other entries, but when your OH’s meal of choice is beans on toast, you know that you’re dealing with a simple man! The closing date for the competition is tomorrow, so hopefully I will have made the cut!

Another thing that I’m particularly proud of this week is a Banksy cross-stitch piece. Started nigh on two years ago it’s been a long time coming! Dipping in and out of it during this time I’ve learnt lessons along the way. The finished article is now at the picture framers to keep for posterity, I only hope the gallery doesn’t take as long to frame it!

Finished it Friday!

I’m itching to start my next project which will be sewing related. As a member of the newly founded St. Helens WI group, Stand by your Jam, I’m hoping that I’ll be sharing many more craft related projects with you over the coming months!

Happy crafting!